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Lock right ankle behind left (1) Rock ankles forward (2) Rock ankles back (3) Rock ankles forward (4)
AKA - Fancy feet Weight on left heel and right toes, swivel left toes and right heel to left side (1) Return both feet to centre (&) Change weight to opposites heel and toe swivel right (2) Return both feet to centre (&) Repeat pattern as instructed.
Step right forward bending knees into sitting position (1) Push hips forward (&) Push to stomach forward (2) Push chest forward (&) Push head forward (3) Take weight onto right (4)
Tip head & lean body to right, start straightening head (1) Push hips to right, straighten head up (&) Straighten body while hips remain to right side (2) Bring hips back to place (&)
Drop to floor on one knee and rise again (counts as directed)
Lift right heel pushing toe into floor, while sliding left back (1) Anchor left lifting heel, drop right heel & slide back past left (2) Repeat pattern leading left.
Jump right foot forward, kicking left back, pumping chest forward (1) Step left to place, hitching right, contracting chest (&) Repeat on left.
Step right forward (1) Scoot back on right hitching left knee (&) Step left forward(2) Scoot back on left hitching right knee (&)
Body Isolation: Keeping upper body and legs still and straight push right hip out and down Keeping upper body and legs still and straight push right hip back to place. Repeat with left hip.
Starting from a standing position. Put hands on the ground and kick legs in the air as if preparing to do a handstand. Let your body lower to the ground by rolling from the chest to the stomach and the hips. When toes touch the floor, push off and push-up with hands again. The momentum creates the worm-like motion.