You Really Are What You Eat




You Really Are What You Eat

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Five a day

You really are what you eat

When working in an office, sat at a desk for hours on end, it can be quite hard to eat healthily and make sure we are getting all the vitamins and minerals we need to function. We suffer from being over informed almost on a daily basis and, more often than not, the “facts” are so conflicting it is hard to make head nor tail of them. 

Sometimes, the so called scientists do a full 360 degree spin and what we were told would keep us healthy into old age two days ago can now apparently be the cause of numerous cancers and illnesses (Google ‘daily aspirin’ and you’ll see what I mean.)

I however, am the first to say that whatever the latest health advice is, I am extremely unhealthy and that is all there is to it. Until three weeks ago I survived on strawberry laces for breakfast (the sugar-iest the better), chocolate éclairs sweets for lunch (Marks and Spencers, Dahhhling, so at least you know they are a better class of full- sugar-empty-calorie food substitute) and Walkers Sensations crisps for tea. I kid you not that was my diet and I loved it. Oh! and I forgot the glasses of wine that popped up now and again (it has benefits I tell you! Fermented grapes must be one of my five a day surely?) 

It wasn’t until Laurent, my Managing Editor took me aside and very seriously told me I would store many health problems for the future and that I would turn old and rather ugly soon if I didn’t consume some nutrients fairly swiftly…. How lovely to have someone around who cares, and more scarily, able to foresee my very wrinkly forehead. Though I am only 25, his chat scared the life out of me and so I embarked on a healthy lifestyle there and then to kick start my organs into functioning again. 

I decided that, in between writing Linedancer articles, rather than snack on my beloved sweets and chocolate I would go for fruit and lunch was to be an all dancing, all singing fresh salad made from scratch. I figured I would do this for a couple of days, which would give me enough time to get an anti wrinkle cream from Amazon via their express delivery and get Laurent off my back. Then, when I’d flaunted my rocket and baby tomatoes for long enough I’d just convert back to my sugary junk and he’d forget all about it. 

Well, that was the plan until, after those couple of days I realised I was really enjoying my lunchtime salads and fruit snacks. I had more energy. My skin was brighter and I just felt more alive (very cheesy but annoyingly true.) 

I have now been on my healthy ‘lifestyle change’ for a few weeks and I really cannot believe the effect it has had on me. People are always preaching about healthy lifestyles and I was always the first to scathe them and get back to my sweets and wine, but now I am right up there with them. 

I have had, unfortunately, to admit this all to Laurent, who, although obviously relieved, is secretly very smug (yes you are Laurent, don’t protest) that I have come back to him with my tail between my legs. Sadly for me I did hear those dreaded words and I am sure I will again. ‘See, I told you so.’ But my forehead is still as smooth as the peaches I now enjoy so that is a definite upside!