Winnie’s Winning Team
Winnie Yu Dance Team

Whilst visiting Canada, Annie Harris of AC's Line Dance Club in Sussex and her partner, looked for a local Line dance class. Annie was lucky enough to contact one of Winnie Yu's instructors, Agnus and asked if they could attend one of their classes, he responded: "Yes come along tomorrow morning, we have a class at Heat Beat." On another occasion they attended Maphine's class at the Starwalk International Buffet in Scarborough, Ontario, where you can eat and dance for four hours. Annie says: "We would like to thank Winnie and her team for both occasions." She adds: "We were made so welcome by everyone at Winnie's classes, she is a fantastic advertisement for line dancing, promoting friendship and confidence. No matter what our tastes and preferences at the end of the day, we are all there to enjoy ourselves in our own way and these ladies and gentlemen certainly know how to do that. Their generosity was outstanding."


BCE May4