Whose Pet is it Anyway?
Please wipe your paws

All these pets belong to people who been featured in 'A Day In The Life Of...' in Linedancer Magazine... But can you decide who owns which pet?




Alison Biggs Dog2Alison Biggs Dog1. This perfect pup is owned by a trans-Atlantic couple who likes to push buttons in the dance factory ... when they are not catching rain with veronica!

a) Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
b) Barry & Dari Anne Amarto
c) Jackie & Doug Miranda

Vivienne Scott Cat


2. This pussy cat comes from Toronto, Canada and has an owner who writes for us here at Linedancer Magazine. She recently told us about a trip to England...

a) Kate Sala
b) Kim Ray
c) Vivienne Scott



The Girls Cat 2The Girls Cat 13. A couple of cats belong to a girlie combination of mother and daughter. When not wearing Headphones or getting in a mix up, they can often be seen in the Grapevine pages
a) The Girls (Maureen & Michelle)
b) Pat & Lizzie Stott
c) Kelli & Jessica Haugen


Glenn Rogers horse4. The owner of this horse is a little Danz Devil. He spends hours on end in his recording studio, coming up with the latest Line dance music. He recently shared his studio with daughter Lianne...

a) Billy Bubba King
b) Glenn Rogers
c) Bobby D. Sawyer


Dave Blake Dogs5. These couple of delightful looking dogs are parented by a man named Dave, who loves to Rave at his class in Crewe, called the Red Hot Ravers!

a) Big Dave Baycroft
b) Diddy Dave Morgan
c) Dave ‘The Rave’ Blake




Michele Perron Cat1michele Perron cat2Michele Perron Cat36. Another cat owner from Canada! She was once considered some what of a maverick, especially when she choreographed Smokey Places...

a) Michele Perron
b) Maggie Gallagher
c) Rachael McEnaney

Michele Perron Cat4Michele Perron Cat5




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