Name That Dance Film?
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Do you remember how hot Kevin Bacon looked in Footloose or when Gene Kelly was Singin' in the Rain? If so then challenge yourself to take this quiz










1. In what year was the classic ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ released?

a) 1952
b) 1949
c) 1947

2. ‘West Side Story’ has two rival gangs in the film. What are there names?

a) Kings and Jokers
b) Wildcats and Snakes
c) Jets and Sharks

3. Which Oscar winning, South African actress dreamed of becoming a professional dancer until she suffered a knee injury?

a) Charlize Theron
b) Suanne Braun
c) Julia Roberts

4. In what year was the film ‘Fame’ released?

a) 1979
b) 1980
c) 1981

5. In ‘Flashdance’ what is the lead character’s day job?

a) Secretary
b) Accountant
c) Welder

6. Who starred as Billie, along side Julie Walters, in film of Billy Elliot?

a) Jamie Bell
b) Elijah Wood
c) Troy Bolton

7. Who am I? I starred in the film ‘Moulin Rouge! in 2001. I am married to Country singer Keith Urban and we are expecting our first child?

a) Jennifer Aniston
b) Nicole Kidman
c) Angelina Jolie

8. What is the name of the holiday camp that Frances “Baby” Houseman and her affluent Jewish family attend in the iconic film that is ‘Dirty Dancing’?

a) Butlins
b) Kellerman’s
c) Maplins

9. Kevin Bacon plays which lead character in the movie ‘Footloose’?

a) Rev. Shaw Moore
b) Willard Hewitt
c) Ren McCormack

10. Who plays the parts of Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart in the 2003 version of Chicago?

a) Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger
b) Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie
c) Courteney Cox-Arquette and Lisa Kudrow

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DAP May 14