Linedancer Visitor Book 2

Welcome, Valkommen, Witaj, Yindee, Bienvenue, Irashaimasu, Velkomen, Welkom

To the Linedancer Visitor Book. Check out who else in the line dancing world has ‘signed' the visitor book and where they are from.

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20.   Kerris Miller  D&GI from England  (11/10/08)

"I have been with Linedancer Magazine from Day 1, Issue No1, it has been a great help to me as a Dancer, as an Instructor and just a 'nosey' woman who likes to see what everyone else is doing! Ha!Ha! Recognising folk that 1 taught 10-15 years ago in the photo's is great, seeing that they are still enjoying a 'life of Linedance!' Being fairly new to computer use, I don't know how to upload a pic! Sorry! Keep up the good work Linedancer, spreading the word, building up our 'family' around the Globe! Blessings, Kerris. aka Kamikazi Cowgirl"

19.  Sal from England   (10/10/08)            Sal

"Hi everybody, enjoy yourself and remember to smile, line dancing is a fun way to socialise and keep fit!!"

18. Paulette Coulter from England   (10/10/08)

"I live in suffolk england. I have just started up linedancing, and enjoying every minute of it, i think the linedancing magazine is brilliant reading."

17.   Gloria from USA   (10/10/08)

"Great website. I have learned lots from all the information."

16.   Sharon Brizon from England   (10/10/08)    Sharon Brizon

"Hello Fellow Line Dancers and visitors to this website. I hope you will enjoy sharing our news, views and conversation. Please join in why don't you? We all adore our hobby so please be very welcome to join us here and on the dance floor! Line Dancing is fun and great for overall fitness. Best wishes, Shaz B"

15.   Kumari Tugnait fron UK   (08/10/08)  Kumari

"Greetings one and all!! First off, many thanks to the LD team for providing this wonderful way for us all to say hello to each other. So hi to everyone I've met through this fun activity, and to everyone else I hope to meet some day! Ranie from South Africa, I am an Indian line dancer too, nice to meet you!! Would be good if you could get in touch. My e-mail address is - and that goes for anyone else who wants to mail, too!!! See you around :o))"

14.   Betty Drummond   (07/10/08) "Hi Sandra and George. Of course we remember you. Who could forget all Betty Classthe happy times we had at class with you. I especially remember George teaching California Blue. It seems ages ago but some of us still dance it from time to time. I thought you might enjoy this recent photo taken at a one of our sedate classes!! Look forward to seeing you both soon. Betty and Steve xxx" 

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