The Next Big Hit




The Next Big Hit

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I am amazed how some dances become huge international hits and stay at the top of the charts for months. In some cases these dances are destined to become classics as in Black Coffee or Islands In The Stream. In other cases they fade away never to be seen on a dance floor again. Clearly some dances are more than the Next Big Hit they are the extra special dances that are destined to become ‘All Time Classics’.

When a dance takes off on an international basis like Crazy Foot Mambo for example it unites dancers from all around the world. For me this is one of the most wonderful aspects of Line dancing.  Seeing a dance travel across the continents, bridging the divides of culture and language and bringing people together is a great joy and any choreographer who achieve this must feel justifiably proud and elated. But how does it happen?  What are the ingredients for success? What turns The Next Big Hit into an All Time Classic? And what are your tasty tips for the future?

Your views please….