The Big White Marquee




The Big White Marquee

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Non-profit making clubs and associations are very important in France. They provide activities and encourage people with the same interests, hobbies, and opinions to meet and work together. They are of particular value in the smaller towns and villages.

Every year in my town, Royan, a Forum is organised where the various associations set up stands to attract new members. This always takes place in a big white marquee placed near the main beach and the Port.

Line dance classes are usually run by these non-profit making associations and Odile's club DOLIE COUNTRY is no exception. So it was that I found myself taking part in the club's dance demonstration a couple of weekends ago at the forum.

I had put my name down to take part in the Sunday demo, however, I went down to see what was happening on the Saturday afternoon. I'd just walked in when I saw Odile and the girls from my class heading for the small stage. They invited me to join them, only thing was, they were dressed in jeans and white tops (most with hats) and I was all in black and hatless (I don't like wearing hats!)  Nobody minded, and quite a crowd gathered as we (God) Blessed Texas, Pushed our Tushes, were made Whole Again drinking Black Coffee among other old and new favourites. The braver people in the crowd were put through their paces when Odile taught them a simple dance choreographed by a Frenchman David Linger - Cowboy Madison.

Sunday found me back again, this time in the regulation colours (still minus hat) for a repeat performance. People visiting the Forum seemed to be genuinely pleased with what they saw, and the club's stand had many interested visitors signing up for classes. One bystander said he knew I was English as I was the only one singing along with the music! The beginner's who had only been dancing for a month or so, gave a very credible performance on Sweet Baby and The Freeze. None of them looking at their feet!