The Big Dance 2008
big dance 2008

When I received The Big Dance 2008 press release I was disappointed to see that hardly any Line dance was included in the program of events. A whole week dedicated to dance in London and very little mention of Line dance, if any. So I got straight to work to find out why our favourite style of dance had been missed out?

I arranged to speak with the coordinator of The Big Dance 2008 Jacqueline Rose. I wanted to learn a bit about her past so the first question I planned to ask her was about her dance history. She said: "You'll be pleased to hear I have done all sorts of dance. I trained at The Laben Centre gaining my BA (hons) and post-grad. The range that I was taught during my time at Laben was really varied, covering everything from contemporary style, studying people like Cunningham and Graham to abit of African dance. I love all forms of dance it all depends on my mood."

Discussing the fact that GCSE dance and 'A' level dance has seen over a 200% increase from 1990 – 2000 I asked her did she believe this had anything to do with the television shows, like Strictly Come Dancing. Excitedly she replied: "I think the television had an enormous impact on the male dancers. The statistic suggest that partner dancing has made the biggest comeback in the last five or six years. It is not that they haven't been dancing, but more of a case of feeling it is ok to say you can dance and talk about it."

When quizzing her about what she knew about Line dance she said: "I think it is incredible, long may it last! Having many different strands; it is an amazing form. I am really exited. I think it is fantastic!"

So when I quizzed her on why more Line dancing has not been included in the program of events for The Big Dance 2008, she answered: "The Big Dance is a promotional platform to showcase dance, really put the spotlight on Dance. It is a case of missed opportunities. We need to get Line dancers involved. I would love to see more Line dance opportunities in 2012. I can give you the dates it is going to be from 3 – 11 July 2010."

She gave the impression that she was very disappointed to have not been in touch with us here at Linedancer Magazine much sooner and seemed really keen for Line dancers to get involved, saying: "there are many different ways in which Line dancers can get involved. I would encourage them to come along to take part in one or two of the workshops on offer. They are all free. I really like it if Line dancers felt inspired to come and a go at another dance form."

She suggests maybe Salsa or Lindy Hop. Knowing Line dancers have already got experience with for example, Kate Sala's Latin dances and Darren and Lana's Lindy Hop, I told her I'm sure they would love to.

Speaking to Jacqueline she was very keen to get Line dancers involved in the World Record attempt, saying: "We aim to get 2008 dancers in Trafalgar Square at 5pm dancing a five minute set piece. We still need people to sign up. It seems perfect because the crowds will be dancing in Lines! You need to book a place on line. Click here to sign up at

There is a short video on this site that teaches you the moves as they will be danced so why not get a group together, sign up and head to Trafalgar Square on the 12 July 2008. On a final note Jacqueline said: "Come along and try something new. You can download a pdf version of the week long events so that you can plan out what you are going to do throughout the week."

Email: for more information.

Scooter Mar15