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Around this time every year in France there is a nationwide weekend of fund raising to support research into rare children’s deceases. Various events are televised and big stars lend their support. This year Odile organised a Country Ball in the centre of town with the support of the local authorities. It was a big event with clubs from many near-by towns and villages participating. Held in a large marquee, a dance floor had been laid but was a bit wonky in places! Never mind, there were oysters on the menu! (our region is a large oyster producing area).

Odile had kindly asked me if I’d like to teach a dance for the occasion. Looking through Linedancer Magazine’s enormous library of dance scripts I found a new dance called DOLLY’S WINTER which seemed ideal, as the name of our club is Dolie’s Country (Dolie being an anagram of Odile). It is a beginner’s dance originally to  Dolly Partin’s Winter Wonderland, but I decided to do it to Brenda Lee’s Jingle Bell Rock with Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree at a slightly faster tempo for the more experienced dancers.

It’s the very first time that I’ve taught a dance as part of a dance evening, and in French to boot! However, everyone played the game and enjoyed the dance. The only problems coming from the head mike, meaning the people at the back couldn’t always hear.

We were honoured by a visit from the mayor, who informed us that as a young man he lived for a while in Dallas and used to go to Billy Bob’s Saloon in Fort Worth to see the ‘square dancing’!

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening along with another English lady from Dolie’s Country, Valerie, who first danced lines 25 years ago! She joined a local club to meet people when she and her husband moved here a couple of years ago.

I don’t know how much money was raised but our spirits certainly were!