Teaching Survey

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1 Caballero (A Spanish Gentleman)
Ira Weisburd
2 Came Out Like A Rose
Derek Robinson
3 Can't Say No
Patricia Stott
4 Can't Stop Loving You
Andy Skidmore
5 Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango
Audri R (Ladies in Line)
6 Candy Girl
Juliet Lam
7 Carinito
Gloria Hughes
8 Carters Rock
Diana Dawson
9 Carters Rock – The Way You Love Me
Kirsthen Hansen Anna Korsgaard
10 Casa Musica
Roy Verdonk Jose Miguel Belloque Vane
11 Caught In The Act
Ann Wood
12 Caught In The Moonlight
Rachael McEnaney
13 Caught In The Moonlight
Maria Hennings Hunt
14 Cecilia
Willie Brown Heather Barton
15 Celtic Heartbeat
Maggie Gallagher
16 Celtic Lady
Yvonne Anderson
17 Cha Cha Amor
Audri R (Ladies in Line) Cherry L (Ladies in Line)
18 Cha Cha Espana (Spain)
Motti Kotzer Ira Weisburd
19 Chachanela
Ira Weisburd
20 Chances
Michael Seurer
21 Cheesecake
Rachael McEnaney Scott Blevins Joey Warren
22 Chicago Bonfire
Ria Vos Jose Miguel Belloque Vane Debbie McLaughlin
23 Closer Tonight
Ryan King
24 Colour Of Blue
June G (Ladies in Line) Audri R (Ladies in Line)
25 Come As You Are
Yvonne Anderson
26 Cool Factor
Greg Wynn
27 Corn Don't Grow
Tina Argyle
28 Country Feeling
Carrie Ann Green Ryan King
29 County Line Cha Cha
Not Known
30 Cracklin Rosie
Mark Guichard (DJ WOODY) Shelly Guichard
31 Crazy For Your Love
Richard Palmer Lorna Dennis
32 Crazy Lady
Katrin Gabler Kate Sala
33 Crazy Tonight
Shelly Guichard Mark Guichard (DJ WOODY)
34 Crocodile Roll
David Hoyn Alison Johnstone Ira Weisburd
35 Cumbia Semana
Ira Weisburd
36 Cykelen
Ulla Engström
BCE May4