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It's something i've been trying to do for years, but finally I think (hope) i've cracked it. I am finding it very hard, and I'm eating alot more to compensate, but (fingers crossed) I think I've eventually been able to give up smoking.

To be honest I enjoyed smoking. See I'm already refering to it in the past tense! My girlfriend still smokes, which obviously doesn't make it any easier for me, but she is smoking less and has finally agreed to give up with me.

I might have been able to tempt Angela with the prospect of more money to buy more dresses, but my goals are more simple. I want to be able to run around more when I'm playing football and beat the time I got recently doing a 10k run. Because despite the fact I smoked, and used to be quite overweight, I've always been resonably fit. And doing the 10k run I wanted to be under an hour, but my final time was one hour an two minutes. I know that's close and not too bad a time, but I expected quicker and next time it will be!

So hopefully i'll be able to stay a non-smoker and Angela too, and I can tell you in another blog that I've done a 10k in under an hour.