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Gillian Pulpher

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I've been line dancing for over 20 years and love it even more now than I did then! I am from Croydon but moved to York in 1992 and am very happy here. I look forward to my classes with John Rowell (Grrowler) and his wife Maureen, and when I can I love going to Johnny Twostep's class in Harrogate. Prior to that, I used to attend Rachael McEnaney's York classes and Rob Fowler's in Harrogate. My daughter, Claire, competed for many years and is also a choreographer; she won the first Masters in Line choreography competition with her dance 'Man in the Mirror'. She is an excellent dancer and I aspire to be as good as her! Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy my dances. I wouldn't submit them to Linedancer if I didn't believe they were good enough - there are plenty that don't make it! Because I enjoy dancing so much myself, I would be thrilled if my dances made other people happy. Happy dancing :)