Stuck Somewhere In-Between

48 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Peter Davenport (ES) (1st October 2008)

Choreographed to: Somewhere In Between by Phil Vassar

Intro: 16 Style: Country

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Last updated: 8th December 2008
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Count Footwork
  16 Count Intro Start On Vocals
  Walk, Walk Rock 1/2 Turn Walk Walk Step 1/2 Turn Step
1,2 Walk Forward R, Walk Forward L
3&4 Rock Forward On R, Rock Back On L, Hinge 1/2 R And Step
5,6 Walk Forward L, Walk Forward R
7&8 Step Forward On L, Make ½ Turn R, Step Forward On L (Restart Wall 3)
  Toe Heel Cross, Toe Heel Cross, Rock replace 1 1/2 R Turn Step
1&2 Touch R Toe Next To L, Touch R Heel Out To R, Cross R Foot Over L
3&4 Touch L Toe Next To R, Touch L Heel Out To L, Cross L Foot Over R
5,6 Rock Forward On R, Replace On L
7&8& Make ½ R Step R, Make ½ Turn R Step Back On L, Make ½ R Step On R, Step L, (Alternative Shuffle ½ Turn R & Step L) (Restart Wall 6)
  R Shuffle, 1/2 Turn Shuffle, Right Coaster Step, Rock And Cross
1&2 Step Forward On R, Bring L Foot To R, Step Forward On R
3&4 Make ½ Turn R Stepping Back On L, Bring R Foot To L, Step Back On L
5&6 Step Back On R, Bring L Foot To R, Step Forward On R
7&8 Rock L Foot To L, Replace On R, Cross Left Foot Over R
  Behind Side Cross, & Cross & Cross, Step L 1/4 R, Rock & Toether
1&2 Step R Foot Behind L, Step L Foot To L Side, Cross Right Foot Over L
&3&4 Step L To L Side, Cross R Over L, Step L To L Side, Cross R Over L
5,6 Step Left Foot Forward, Make ¼ Right Putting Weight On R
7&8 Rock Forward On L, Replace On R, Bring Left Foot To R
  Rock Replace Rock & Step, Rock Replace Sailor 1/2 Turn L
1,2 Rock R Out To Right Side, Replace On L
3&4 Rock Right Out To R, Replace On L, Step Right To R Side
5,6 Rock L Out To L Side, Replace On Right Foot
7&8 Step L Foot Behind R, Make 1/2 L Stepping R To Right Side, Step L To Left Side
  Walk Back R & L, R Shuffle Syncopated Dorothy Step Forward Diagonals
1,2 Walk Back R & L
3&4 Step Back On R, Bring L To Right Foot, Step Back On R
5&6& Step Forward On L, Lock R Behind L, Step Forward On L, Step Forward On R
7&8& Lock L Behind R, Step R Forward, Step Left Foot Forward, & Hitch R Knee
  2 Restarts:- On Wall 3 Dance 1st 8, One Wall 6 Dance 1st inc & Count
Dance Script

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