Love On The Rocks

32 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Caz Robertson (UK) (1st October 2008)

Choreographed to: Tequila on Ice on Tequila on Ice by Darryl Worley 93 BPM

Style: Country

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Last updated: 23rd February 2009
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Count Footwork
  Direction of dance: CCW
SECTION 1 Cross rock, recover, side shuffle, cross behind, side, cross shuffle
1-2 Cross rock right over left, recover on left
3&4 Step right to right, step left next to right, step right to right
5-6 Cross left behind right, step right to right
7&8 Cross left over right, step right next to left, step left to right
SECTON 2 Side rock, 1/4 turn recover, step, hold, step lock step, rock, recover
9-10 Rock right to right, making 1/4 turn left step forward on left
11-12 Step forward on right, hold
13&14 Step left forward, lock right behind left, step left forward
15-16 Rock forward on right, recover on left
SECTION 3 Side rock, recover, cross touch, step, drag, step 1/4 turn, pivot 1/4 turn with point, front cross, point, ball step
17&18 Rock right to right, recover on left, touch right toe across left (weight stays on left)
19-20 Step right to right, drag left toe up next to right
21-22 Making 1/4 turn left step forward on left, making 1/4 turn left pivoting on left point right to right
23-24& Cross right over left, point left to left, step ball of left in place
  [Restart here after Count 24& on Wall 5]
SECTION 4 Cross rock, recover, ball step, cross rock, recover, ball step, front cross, unwind 1/2 turn, sailor step
25-26 Cross rock right over left, recover on left
&27-28 Step ball of right in place, cross rock left over right, recover on right
&29-30 Step ball of left in place, cross right over left, unwind 1/2 turn left (weight on right)
31&32 Step left behind right, step right to right, step left to left
TAG At end of Walls 3 and 6, the music breaks for 3 counts, after the words "...daisy in her hair" and "...and wild at heart". The tag is three hip sways over 3 counts - left right left - after the sailor step at Counts 31&32. Then start the dance again.
RESTART On Wall 5 start the dance again after Count 24&.
Dance Script

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