Baby Got Back

32 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Paul Culshaw & Charlotte O'Connor (UK) (1st July 2008)

Choreographed to: Dance With Me by Dizzee Rascal

Intro: 32 Style: Pop / Disco

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Last updated: 23rd February 2009
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Count Footwork
1 Walk R,L,R, Out out, Swivel 1/4, Kick ball step, Swivel swivel sweep.
1+2 Walk forward Right, Left, Right.
+3 Step left foot out to left side, Step right foot out to right side.
4 Swivel both heels (keeping weight on balls of feet) to make a 1/4 turn left.
5+6 Kick left foot forward, Step left foot in place, Step right foot forward.
7+ Swivel both heels to the right making 1/4 turn left, Swivel both heels to the left.
8 Making a 1/4 turn left, keep the weight back on right foot and sweep left foot around to the back.
2 Behind, Side, Cross, Hitch Point, Cross, Ball change x2, Sailor 1/2 turn.
1+2 Step left foot behind right, Step right foot to right side, Step left foot across over right.
+3 Hitch right foot, Point right toe to right side
4 Cross right foot over left.
+5 Step left foot slightly back to left diagonal, Change weight to right foot.
+6 Repeat counts +5.
7+8 Cross left foot behind right, Making 1/2 turn left step right foot to right side, Step left fot to left side.
3 Right heel grind, Step, Left heel grind, Slide, Weave to left, Unwind 3/4 turn.
1+2 Place right heel forward (toe facing left diagonal). Step back on left foot, turning right toe to right diagonal. Step right in place.
+3 Place left heel forward (toe facing right diagonal). Step back on right foot (keeping weight on right foot), turning left toe to left diagonal.
4 Take a long step to the left on left foot, dragging right heel.
5+6 Cross right foot behind left, Step left foot to left side, Cross right fot in front of left.
+7 Step left foot to left side, Cross right foot behind left.
8 Unwind 3/4 turn to the right keeping the weight on right foot.
4 & Cross, Step side, & Cross, 1/4 turn, Triple full turn, bounce, touch.
+1, 2 Step slightly back on left foot, Cross right foot in front of left, Step left foot to left side.
+3, 4 Step slightly back on right foot, Cross left foot in front of right, Make 1/4 turn left stepping back on right foot.
5+6 Making ½ turn left, step forward on left foot, continue turning 1/2 over left shoulder stepping right foot in place. Step left foot in place (facing 3 o’clock).
7+8 Step right foot to right side bending knees slightly. Push off right foot, straightening knees. Touch right toe in place.
Dance Script

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