Twist And Scuff

32 Count 2 Walls Beginner

Choreographed by: Linda Evensen (NO) (1st July 2008)

Choreographed to: Ain't Love A Lot Like That on Cold Hard Truth by George Jones

Style: Country

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Last updated: 29th August 2008
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Count Footwork
  Fwd lock steps with scuffs
1 Step RF fwd
2 Lock LF behind RF
3 Step RF fwd
4 Scuff LF fwd
5-8 Repeat step 1-4 starting with LF
  Grapewines with scuffs and 1/2 turn right
1 Step RF to right side
2 Cross LF behind RF
3 Step RF to right side
4 Scuff LF fwd
5 Make 1/2 turn right, stepping LF to left side (facing 6 o'clock)
6 Cross RF behind LF
7 Step LF to left side
8 Scuff RF fwd
  Twist right, back rock with kick and hitch
1-4 Twist LF to right side: heel-toe-heel-toe, as your RF touches next to LF: toe-heel-toe-heel (moving right)
  Tag and restart here, on wall 3
5-6 Rock back on RF, recover onto LF
7 Kick RF fwd
8 Continue to lift RF into a hitch (preparing for a step backwards)
  Back locks with kick and hook
1 Step back on RF
2 Lock LF in front of RF
3 Step back on RF
4 Kick LF fwd
5 Step back on LF
6 Lock RF in front of LF
7 Step back on LF
8 Hook RF over LF (Styling: touch your hat with right hand)
  Tag and restart:
  The dance has an easy tag on wall 3: (stomp, stomp)
  Dance 20 counts from the beginning: then add 2 stomps (right, left)
  You will be facing 6 o'clock
  Then restart the dance from the beginning -
  and enjoy :-)
Dance Script

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Heilt Flatt dekk on Panorama by Asmund Amli Band (Search For Music) Apple iTunes

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