Ronnie & Brandi Introduce Country to US TV
Cat Deeley

Well slap my thigh and stick a bale of hay on the set!

We all absolutely hate it when the media portrays Country dancing to be a second class form of dance. Line dancers and Country dancers alike struggle against the gingham stereotypes and Cowboy imagine which it has fought against for years and years. That is all about to change thanks to the work of Ronnie DeBendetta and Brandi Tobias. These UCWDC World Championship Couple showed American audiences the truth behind how we dance in the Country. Watch out America – There is more to Country style than meets the eye!

The two of them were asked to choreograph Country Two Step for Fox TV Network's hit show "So You Think You Can Dance?" The show is in its fourth season hosted by English presenter Cat Deeley.
Ronnie and Brandi went to the studio last week to teach Mark and his partner, Kherington a Country Two Step. At first they were making fun but it didn't take long before they saw how difficult it was.
Judge Mary Murphy commented: "Well this is one tough number, and what quick step is to fast foot work and body connection and frame.

"Country two step is to a lot of arm connections, very fast spinning, lots of tunnelling, tornado turns, window turns and is really, really tough."
Click here to watch for yourself just how tough they found it...




DAP May 14