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Dear Diary


Good news! A new line dance class is starting up near where I live. Tonight is Open Night so I'm going to check it out. It's run by Odile whom I've already seen doing workshops and she seems very dynamic with a penchant for pink!

19.30 - Oh my god! The place is packed! Odile is up on a platform, head mike on and yes, in pink! Most of the people have come to see what this line dance, or as the French say ‘Country' (pronounced coontry) is all about. They soon find out, as they try vines, taps and hitches for the very first time..

I'm very pleased to hear Odile tell them that they shouldn't hook their hands in their belts, on their waists or behind their backs; ‘Good on you Odile' I think and she goes on to give them other pieces of essential line dance advice, suitable shoes, comfortable clothes, neat lines, not to look at their feet etc.

Throughout the evening we are treated to demonstrations from her more advanced dancers showing the range of dances that can be done, celtic (aka Eerish(Irish)), latin, funky and so on. I join in on the ones I know, often forgetting to follow my own advice ‘to smile'.

At the end of the evening lots of people had signed up for the beginners classes. I wanted to do an intermediate level to be told there wasn't one! After some discussion it turns out this class is called ‘none beginners'. Well, I guess that's me!

I'll be attending my first ‘none beginners' class next week. I tell you more then!