Pedro Machado, Rachael McEnaney

Pedro and Rachael

Pedro Machado


Pedro is the 1997, 1998 and 1999 World's Line Dance Champion in the Showcase, Renegade and Superstars Divisions and Linedancer Magazine Male Personality of The Year in 2000. Pedro is most noted for his choreography of Line dances such as Mambo #5, Cha Cha Loco, King Of The Road and many more. His focus as a dancer is on style, technique, and execution which he demonstrates every time he steps onto the dance floor. As a supreme entertainer and crowd motivator, he has travelled the world performing, instructing, and instilling the joy of dance into everyone's heart. No one can compare to Pedro's style of performing and teaching Line dances. You haven't seen Line dancing until you've seen Pedro.


Rachael McEnaney

Rachael is a world-renowned instructor, choreographer, judge and performer with vast experience in the Line dance industry. In 2002, as part of an exciting new venture, Rachael joined forces with leading industry personalities,  Pedro Machado, Rob Fowler, Paul McAdam, and established business woman and promoter Barbara Blake. Together they formed ‘Masters In Line’, a dance events company that specialised in competitive and social Line Dance events. As a director, Rachael organised events, co-ordinated competitions, judged and performed. Throughout her career she has made a conscious effort to ensure she passes her knowledge onto others and has trained 32 World Champions. Rachael’s dedication, ability, and drive has led to continuous successful years in the Line dance industry. However, in the last few years Rachael’s Line dance career has hit the very top. She continues to win awards internationally for her personality, choreography and instruction ability; including nine coveted Crystal Boot Awards.

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