October 2008

  October 2008   

October 2008
This month's features include:

A Time For Change
Strictly Summertime
The Road To Worlds 2008
Junior Willis
The Charts
Where Are They Now?
Where The Hell Is Matt?
Dance Reviews
Linedancer On The Road
Joie De Vivre
Love Makes Me Dance
Between The Whiskey And The Wine
Sho's Dance Clinic
Charity Lines
Line Dancer Music Club
Wolvestock Festival 2008
Between The Lines
First International Line Dance Festival, Seol, Korea
A Day In The Life Of
Album Reviews

Music Reviews
Rusty Truck - Lucks' Changing Lanes
Michelle Wrighty - Everything And More
Kid Rock - Rock 'n' Roll Jesus
Mark Olson & Gary Louris - Ready For The Flood




October 2008 Dance Scripts

Streamlinin' by Chris & Richard Hodgson (Blast From The Past)

Hooked On Country Adapted for Wheelchair Users byGilles Bataille

My First Steps by Barbara Hile

Little Red Book by Dee Musk

Fools In Love by Karl-Harry Winson

Honey Pot by Kim Ray

K-9 by The Girls (Maureen & Michelle)

Galway Girls by Chris Hodgson

Friday Mambo by Sadiah Heggernes

When I Cry by Maria Hennings Hunt

1 - 2 - 3 Summertime by Roy Verdonk and Will Bos

Cowboy Madness by Diana Dawson

Singing The Song by Pim Humphrey

Lay Your Love On Me by Larry Hayden



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