November 21st - 23rd




November 21st - 23rd

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My friend Robert Wanstreet and I spent a weekend in Agen with the club NATDANCE which is very dear to us. Natdance has to be the friendliest club in France, we used to visit them very often a few years ago and always had a very warm welcome especially from Philippe and Valerie Niel with whom we stayed.

Robert was invited to give, not only line dance workshops, but also a class in 2-step! What a delight to rediscover THE Country couples dance once again! It has been quite some time since I danced  the 2-step. I have even competed in 2-step in pro-am, but the predominance of lines  pushed couple dances somewhat into the background, however, it is making a slow come-back.

I helped Robert with the instruction and although I did not always respond immediately to the lead, the old reflexes soon returned. Despite the technicalities involved, after 3 hours of class, the couples were  putting the basic steps and moves into practice as they 2-stepped around the floor. A pleasure to watch.

The 2-step class was then followed by the line dance workshop, where Robert taught a mixture of country and non-country dances such as I Kissed a Girl, his own choreography Country Must, the lovely waltz ‘Once upon a December' and finishing with a funky disco style dance ‘Respect'.

After 6 hours of workshops we were too exhausted to attend the evening dance. The next day, Sunday, was spent watching videos of the workshops the club took at the City of Light Paris festival back in July. Robert  wasn't  finished  his work as he had to test instructors from Toulouse in their NTA levels before taking the train back home.

By the way, it was a stormy night, and a tree fell on the engine of my train! Fortunately no one was hurt!

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