November 2008

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November 2008
This month's features include:

In A Bad Mood
Line Dancer Music Club
4 Card Trick
Aino's Story
The Charts
Where Are They Now?
Deeply Completely
Album Reviews
Dance Reviews
Hanging Up Their Boots
Worlds At Their Feet
Line Dancing Malaysia Style
Crystal Boot Awards Nomincation Form
Never Too Late
Don't Miss The Sound Of Linedancer on Voice Of Country
Charity Lines
Old Crow Medicine Show
Sho's Dance Clinic
Between The Lines
Beginners Idol
A Day In The Life Of

Music Reviews
Dolly Parton - The Tour Collection
Geraint Watkins - In A Bad Mood
Laura Critchley - Sometimes I
Colbie Caillat - Coco




This Month's Dances

Cato Larsen
June Hulcombe & Barbara Willshire
Maggie Gallagher
Kathy Chang, Sue Hsu (Sue & Kathy Line Dance)
Niels B Poulsen
Peter Metelnick and Alison Biggs
William Brown
Kate Sala
Bracken Ellis
Daniel Whittaker
Craig Bennett
Paula Bilby
Robert Wanstreet (Adapted by Gilles Bataille)
Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher