November 15th




November 15th

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Odile was holding an afternoon of workshops in a nearby village. There were 2 levels on offer, beginners/improvers and intermediate. 3 of my Alamo dancers came with me, Trish, Melissa and Bernadette. Once there we found another of our group Joyceline.

The afternoon began with instruction of ‘In a Love Song'. Which everyone seemed to manage ok.... until the music was played!  That's when we lost a lot of people because of the turns. A shambles ensued until a slower piece was played! How often does that happen? We think we've got a dance down, only to be completely overwhelmed by the speed of the music!

A contra dance ‘Curtsey Cross'  followed and as most people had never done this type of dance before another shambles took place as, of course, people were following the ones opposite them and not next to them! Through sheer perseverance Odile finally got them on the right lines (no pun). By then, there wasn't time for the 3rd  dance on the beginner programme.

The intermediate level began with ‘California Blue', and here's where I lost my dancers! This was followed by ‘Dancing Violins' and ended with ‘Cute!Cute!Cu te'! By which time everyone was exhausted and it didn't sink in too well. However, I had had a very good time but felt sorry for my dancers who were disappointed at not  being able to dance more.