Not Alone For Long

Travelling to The Netherlands on your own may be a daunting prospect for some but not Tracy Sutton who went to see John Dean at an event in Heech. "I met up with Manuela and Angelique of the ‘Misty Mountain Line Dancers' whom I had met previously at events in Harrogate and Spain." Tracy told us: "I would like to thank Manuela and her husband Ad for their hospitality." The event had a different feel with lots more country and different dances to that in the UK, one of which was Born To Rock which looked a very fun dance. Over the years of being a ‘Deanie' I have met such lovely people and would like to say thank you to John and Carol Dean for many years of happy trips to lots of places, there are not many events you can go to on your own and come away with lots of friends. 

DAP May 14