My View On Line Dancing


Hello, my name is Megan and I am 14 years old. I go to Jazz dancing which I enjoy because it is fun and keeps me fit and healthy. It is also a chance to meet different people that love dancing too.

For two weeks I am working with Linedancer magazine and i am going to give my view on Line dancing. I have watched videos of people doing it and everyone seems to enjoy it. I think Line dancing is very well choreographed it has lots of interesting sequences and the music is very cheerful. Line dancing is active and anybody can join in because there are easy steps. It can also be very challenging and it's fun and fast. A lot of people see the music of Line dancing as Country but they use lots of different other music too. I haven't tried Line dancing but I would like to maybe with my friends in the future. I like the Linedancer magazine, i think all the pictures are great. I also like all the new scripts people send in or make up so people can all learn some different dances to different music.

Jazz dance and Linedancing do use some of the same music. Jazz sometimes is quite fast and also slow but Linedancing is usually fast and very challenging.


BCE May4