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Aren’t you all excited? Don’t you know why? This is a very important week in the United Kingdom. No, the coalition government is not about to resign. No, bankers are not about to give away their bonuses and no, the sun is not (though it is summer allegedly) shining still on this glorious land of ours. It is much, much more important. Both Big Brother AND X Factor are coming back on our screens.



Aren’t you thrilled? If there are two programmes sure to put the Great back into Britain, it has to be those two surely. Not sure? Ok.

Now, obviously, I am being sarcastic because most of us, even those who watch these programs, would agree that the one denominator that both these series abide to is the lowest one there is.

But you know television is like anything else. We get the programmes we deserve. If no one watched, they would not be made or aired. I, myself, don’t understand the attraction in watching airheads with little or no talent parading on our screens for hours on end. However I do accept that I am in a minority. I don’t read hello or OK and celebrities who are known for just being there don’t cut it for me. However cult status and role models today revolve around. From The Only Way Is Essex to soaps to programs like Xfactor and BB. It is quite simple, our society seems to revel in the vile and vacuous. It adores what it condemns and it makes for a very strange situation where the likes of Katie Price are something to look up to and  Alex Reid is interviewed while looking desperately for an opinion on something (anything?).

I would go as far as saying that this adulation for gutter celebrities and minus Z listers is translating into young people’s behaviour. Looting streets and shops, showing little or no respect to anyone may be a direct result of having poor role models and low expectations out of life.

Does your daughter really want to look like a Big Brother contestant? Why?

I am not sure as to why our society seems to be in a bit of a free fall but, as many of us today are beginning to realise, there will only be one way to stem the tide. Parenting. While there is no harm in Big Brothers and talent shows, they cannot be an aspiration for anyone with a little brainpower. And any parent who is worth his or her salt will know that. Perhaps it is time to readdress this dire situation and start owning your child again. And in 10 years time, a whole new generation will come out strong and powerful. Perhaps they will look at the bad old days, shrug and vow to never have Katie Price lookalike as their main idols. But then again who knows, she may be our Prime Minister by then? And we will all own a vajazzle kit!