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man flu

I have just returned from holidays and instead of a stuffed donkey or a sombrero hat, I have thoughtfully brought back a nice big bout of man flu for myself. And for those who think, men complain a lot about nothing, too right!

Stiff upper lip is all well and good but when your throat feels as you have gargled with razor blades and your head is pounding, I am afraid that a man’s right is to feel extremely sorry for himself, especially as he is surrounded by UNSYMPATHETIC females. Yes, I know it is hard to believe but most of my colleagues being ladies, I will get NO encouragement from them. Instead, each cough will bring a little knowing smile and each shiver untold hilarity! So yeah, I am feeling sorry for myself as no one else does.

Of course, I could have stayed in bed today but the world surely would have fallen apart without me holding it up! No? Oh well, probably not, but you see I think a lot of us, ok, a lot of blokes think that. If I stayed in bed, things would not be happening as they should proving once and for all that paranoia and mild illnesses do not mix well together.

And my colleagues would probably be subjected to phone calls announcing my next e mail to them, so in a way, they are grateful I did come in though they probably think they are working in a large branch of Boots today seeing the amount of assorted tissues, medicines and pills strewn over my desk.

So, think of me typing this with some difficulties as my hands tremble with fever and my nose is drip-dropping! And if you smirk at me and my man flu, feel safe in the knowledge that you are joining a rather large club. And when I get better (if it ever happens of course) I swear that I, too, will laugh at everyone else’s miseries. So be warned because it’s a cruel world. 

In the meantime, I will be surrounded by Day nurse and Night nurse (No, I don’t know their names)  and if anyone wants to rub my chest let me know!



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