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I am a middle aged man. And unlike the youth of today (these days anyone under 45 look like kids to me), it has been a bit of an ordeal to get used to the new world of technology. I know I have already addressed PC’s and stuff in these pages but there are things I really cannot get my head round.


When I started the Moaning Post I was told…”Oooh! Get a facebook and Twitter page, these are really important to get you on the road of being seen.” Now and up to then, I had resisted Facebook for years.


In truth I had created my own account some years ago (when it had just started) but had eventually killed it off when people I never knew or wish to know wanted to be my “friends”. So I pulled the account and listened to my work colleagues who seem to spend hours on the wibbly wobbly web talking to perfect strangers they spoke of as friends.


When my younger son of 35 split up with his partner, he went through a Facebook phase and talked about ALL the friends he had. I never commented then but imagining him in his lonely little, dark office at night typing away for hours and being more lonesome than ever struck me as a strange concept.


All these friends and nowhere to go, all these friends and no one to hold hand with, all these friends and no one to really talk to in person…. As for Twitter, why on earth I should want to know Cheryl Cole’s whereabouts real or imagined I have no idea.


But as I first said in this post, I am middle aged and there are things that are going to escape me. So I did listen and went back to Facebook and created a Moaning Post page. I found zillions of friends (well 50) and lo and behold plenty said yes to my initial invite. Most probably know of me rather than proper like, but eh! In our new open world everyone is friendly, so a lot of people said yes to me.

But now that I have ALL these friends and that I feel ever so popular, I am at my desk waiting fro my phone to ring and talk to a proper person. However, this is as yet a thrill that is simply not happening and so perhaps the next social networking step is to start a brand new idea by which people PHYSICALLY meet and greet. Oh…but I forget this exists already. It is called the pub and I think I will continue my research there for today! See you later if you are about and not too busy on your Facebook or Twitter. Well, you cant be everywhere can you?


DAP May 14