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Mr Ed's blog ONE

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Hello Dancers, 

Paul, our very talented webmaster (where would we all be without him?) has been asking me to blog for a while. So here I am…with the very first of Mr Ed’s blogs! 

Let us start this series with me telling you all about Linedancer’s mini team trip to Mirande in the South of la Belle France a few weeks ago.  

Mirande is a small village in the Gers department of South west France and also the scene of one of the biggest Country music festival. Each July and for the last 16 years, there are thousands of visitors descending upon Mirande over a period of five days. They all come for the hundreds of concerts, stalls and all things US, and a lot of dancing of course, as Line dance is one of the main fun things to do at the festival! 

So Paul (webmaster aforementioned), our brilliant sales marketing guru Chris and “don’t need no introduction” Steve all jumped in the big blue Linedancer van, stacked up with shoes and drove all the way to Mirande from sunny Southport.  

I hear you ask…why did you not go Laurent, seeing as you are French? Well, let us just say that if you knew my driving skills you just would not ask. And also, the French were really (I mean REALLY) looking forward to their little English team and I probably would have been “de trop”! 

After many hours of driving, the guys finally arrived at the festival and let me tell you, in spite of the rain (IT RAINED IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE!) they did really well and impressed the French no end. 

Chris in particular, on the last night, gave them all a rousing speech in perfect (hum!) French (with some help from Google Translator), sang la Marseillaise and even addressed the crowd in English (to the bemusement of some of the English speaking people there when they heard his words….) If you don’t believe me, watch the little montage attached to this blog. It must be seen to be believed. 

The guys and Steve (which for some reasons ended up spelled as Steeve on his badge and it stuck, so Steeve it is now), became true ambassadors not only for Linedancer but also for the UK and what the French saw as an International presence..

Since then, the organisers and dancers have contacted us in quite a few emails and it transpires that for some, the team really made a difference in Mirande. They were happy, chatty and Steeve made a fantastic impression as a dancer, instructor and all round good egg. 

Many people talk about where Line dance is going. Well, let me say that it's future has to lie with the WHOLE community worldwide. The Internet has changed the way we look at things and dance, and not always positively so. But the one fact that is really good about the Net is that it has opened the world completely. Mirande proved how much people enjoy different cultures and how welcoming dancers are…. I hope Linedancer can continue to spread the word across every continent for many years to come! But DO watch that video!  

Mr Ed