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I realise that those blogs of mine are going to start sounding as though I am ranting all day long, and maybe  I am. But perhaps these rants are also a valid start for a conversation? So with no further asides, today I am going to talk about political correctness.
Though I think it all started with really good intentions, PC has now invaded all our lives to such an extent that I fear it has actually begun, in some ways, to infringe on our democratic liberties.
For instance, six years ago, I was lucky enough to become a grandad. Surely not I hear you shout…what? With your youthful good looks? How could this be? Well, yes it did puzzle me too at the time  but the fact remained my son and his partner produced this gorgeous little child and I just fell in love! She is the only girl that could steal my heart instead of my wife and she does frequently by just smiling at me or running to me for a cuddle. It is all simple and loving and fun and natural.
But as a man of 54 who has now rediscovered the joy of having little kids around, I often look and smile at other people’s children would it be in the street or on a train. And every time I am met with parents looking back with probing expressions and concerned faces. I sometimes feel vaguely guilty of something I have no understanding of and I always feel sad. The little ones will generally smile back or even wave playfully but I know that in our land of the free, in 2011, an older man CANNOT look at a child without someone thinking dark thoughts. How sad is that?
Where does that leave us as a society? Worse off, I think. Yes I know the world is full of dangers and yes I know that the good old day were often very very bad BUT  my childhood was never tainted by darkness as today’s children seem to be. There has always been a danger and my parents always warned me against the “sweetie man”, however when you realise that most abusers are people the families actually know, it seems a shame that a stranger cannot find a little bit of pleasure in looking into the eyes of a little being with no other reason than finding pleasure in the beauty of innocence.
I also think we, as a society,  have now gone way too far and that we will never regain what we have lost, that is to say the more simple way of being, of living. And I definitely know this to be a real shame.