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I have never ever liked phones. I have always loathed the rings that interrupts a discussion or trail of thoughts. For me as a writer, phones are a total nuisance. You may be sitting there, in the flow as it were, and ring ring... gone. Even if you don't pick up, it still kills the muse. Phones should be for emergencies (Hello, I am dying come on over...) or making urgent appointments (Hello, I feel like I am about to die, can you come and see me...). Other than that forget it.

So, to me one of the scourge on this earth are the mobile phones. There is nothing about them I should ever like to keep in my life. Why? Judge by yourself.

Mobile phones have single handedly taught extreme bad manners to the world. How many times have you seen someone at the cash till of a supermarket braying in his or her phone while the living thing in front of them (I think they called them assistants) does not get a glance. They sometimes get a glare as they have dared say “The total amount is …..”. And how many times have you been in a cinema where at the quietest moment of the film (and the most tense), the whole place jumps to the tune of La Macarena because some idiot has left his phone on. I also shudder to think how many of the same morons leave their phones on on the planes I travel on...One of these days...It just does not bear thinking about.

And it ain't just kids either. Everybody's at it. How many times do I witness some reasonably looking grown up woman screaming down the phone that “the free range eggs are 20 pence more than battery, should I get them?”...

The mobile phone has also single handedly taught a whole new generation how not to spell. “Will U B there 2night at 8”is a perfect example and did you know that once becomes 1ce, and becomes &, nd, n and amongst other crimes daughter become doter ,oh my god becomes omg and be right back becomes brb . Yeah, honestly. Confused? too. How on earth is anyone over 10 going to understand a full text message ever? I am fairly sure that if someone was to text me in this manner and told me they were in hospital about to be operated on, I may understand that they were on holidays and having a lovely time.

And finally, the worst of all...teenagers and mobiles. Yikes. Teenage girls have always had the unnerving habit of saying goodbye to one another and a half hour later, ring each other from their respective homes for a four hour phone-a-thon. But it comes to something when they are texting each other, sat next to one another in the bus.... WHAT! What ever happened to whispering?

I tell you mobiles are the gift from Hell to humanity. And the worst part is that there is nothing to stop them either. Phones now can take photos, videos, take the dog out and make meals so it is never going to stop. For me, the solution is that next time I look for a house I will have to find one with no phone signal (if that still exists by then) and live there. That way peace will be restored in my life, though perhaps the jungle drums that natives are bound to be using will be somewhat even more disruptive. But at least I wont be able to check the tribe's spelling

DAP May 14