May 2009


May 2009
This month's features include:

Dear Dancers
Lucky One
Fabuleuse Cricri
Tracy Sutton
Steve The Hat
Beginner's Luck
The Charts
A World Of Difference Update
CBA The Interview
Line Dance Reaches Out
The Killeer In Amy
Album Reviews
Dance Reviews
Love To Dance Niels
Ash Sho
Line Dance Music Club
Dance-a-holic Lesley!
The 2009 CWDC Championships
Charity Lines
Sho's Dance Clinic
Motion On The Ocean
Between The Lines
Linedancer Choreography Competition 2009
Voice Of Country

Music Reviews
Joey & Rory - The Life Of A Song
Ben Wild And The Wild Band - My Baby Say No
Alan Connor - After Midnight
Ben Kweller - Changing Horses




This Month's Dances
Leong Mei Ling
Michele Perron
Marie Sorensen
Daniel Whittaker
Francien Sittrop
Paul McAdam
Rob Fowler
Karl-Harry Winson
Alan G Birchall
Gilles Bataille
Justine Brown
Kim Ray
Wild Thing
Neils B Poulsen