Masters In Line

The end of the month saw me with Robert near Marseille for a weekend of workshops and competition with Masters in Line. The event was organised by a cultural association ATLAS under the presidency of Gilbert Chiaramonte, who, despite an injured leg saw to our every need.

We were lodged in trailers in a trailer park. These trailers are really luxurious, with 3 bedrooms a fitted kitchen with washing machine, dish-washer and cooker with halogen rings. Robert and I shared the trailer with dancer, choreographer Raymond Sarlemijn an entertaining guy who kept us amused all weekend.

Near-by were Rachael McEnaney, Emily Drinkall and Leigh Welsh and in another trailer the French Country Western singer Marie Dazzler and her musicians. All in all a fun bunch of people.

The 3 ‘R''s Rachael, Robert and Raymond (not forgetting Emily, Leigh and local instructor Elysha) taught the weekend workshops which included dances at all levels as well as a beginner 2-step. Robert choreographed a dance to Marie's song Cowgirl Deluxe which was danced on the live performance of the number when the band performed on Friday evening.

An original choreographed number was performed by the English girls on Saturday night, followed by a solo performance by Raymond, both of which brought the house down. The competitions opened with 2 local teams which had their fans screaming their support. Finally, the Nashville Gang troop under the magnificent Sophie Archimbaud who won hands down.

It was a fun weekend where I was able to meet up again with people I see rarely, Annie and Serge Zucca, Jeanette Erlecke, Annie Corsey, Brigitte Zerah and Bruno Vastel, not forgetting Rachael who did a magnificent job.