Maggie Gallagher, Roy Verdonk, Betty Drummond

Maggie Gallagher, Roy Verdonk, Betty DrummondMaggie Gallagher, Betty Drummond and Roy Verdonk were the 2006 inductees to the Linedancer Hall of Fame.

The youngest talent Roy is a fabulous dancer and a huge Country fan - he loves Garth Brooks. He has already retired from competition dancing but enters many students at Worlds year after year. Roy is a keen choreographer and has a dance school in the Netherlands. If you haven't seen Roy dance then you should.

Most of us know Maggie for her Irish routines - she is an amazing talent on the dance floor and has the dancers eating out of the palm of her hand. Her dancers are very loyal and a Maggie G workshop is always packed. Maggie is an energetic character who keeps everyone laughing and is always smiling.

Lastly, Betty's world revolves around Line dancing. Not only does she teach a regular class in Southport but she combines the two things she loves more than anything else. Publishing your favourite magazine is her top priority and we hope to keep you reading our pages for many years to come. People in the Line dance world owe Betty so much - she is always happy to help give someone a helping hand. Her passion is pure and her place in the Hall of Fame is very well deserved.