Baby News!

With the birth of our new website seemed to come a surge in Line dancing babies. Things have been quite for a while, but we're pleased to tell you there's another Gallagher in our midst. Gerard Padraig was born on the 1st October, to the proud parents Maggie and John Gallagher.

And here's a reminder of the baby news we brought uou earlier in the year.

Well, well, well! What a great way to celebrate the birth of our new site... with the announcements that three of our most talented choreographers are giving birth themselves.

Firstly, Charlotte Macari has had a beautiful baby boy. Congratulations to the latest little Macari arrival for his choice of parents! With three boys and a husband to look after her, Charlotte will soon be able to put her feet up (well in 18 years time anyway!)

Next, Rob Fowler let his partner, Lianne, take care of all the hard work as she gave birth to their baby son, Cory. Both parents are said to be over the moon!

And more good news! We are delighted to reveal that Maggie Gallagher is doing it again... yes, Sean is going to have a little brother or sister in the coming months. Maggie and John are both delighted and we wonder if this will be the bundle that slows her down a bit! We will let you know more details as soon as we have them!

Keep popping back for more exclusive news items as they happen.




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