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To the Linedancer Visitor Book. Check out who else in the line dancing world has ‘signed' the visitor book and where they are from.

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52. Diane from England (18/12/2011)

"Merry christmas & a great 2012 to all at ellie's class & also jazzbox jaq's classes, & anyone else out there who loves to linedance."



51.  Helen Conran-Noonan from Ireland  (03/01/2010) hcnNYvb



"Happy New Year to Linedancers everywhere. Helen c/o"



50.  Helga Whyman from Australia  (02/01/2010)


"Hi to all,have been dancing for approx 20years and still loving it.danced in Penarth and Sully in 2007,they made me very welcome.Keep on haa"

49. Vania Tebaldi from Italy (08/12/2009)


"Just to say hello from Verona"


48. Chris Bird from England (27/09/2009)


"Hello and my good wishes to everybody in the Linedancing world. I have just found out that there is a Linedancing club in the neighbouring village! I am sorely tempted to step into the line. Who knows?"


47.  Chris Jones from the Wirral, UK (19/07/2009)


"hi all from chay's stompers on the wirral "keep dancing" check out our web site its love from chris and steve"


46.  Annie Saerns from Belgium (11/05/09)

"Just to say hello from Belgium! Country Planet" 

45.   Eddie Connolly from Ireland  (26/04/09)


"Hi Linedancer I have been a regular visitor to your website and a linedancer for years. I would like to thank you for many hours of enjoyment you have given me and my friends thru those years..... keep it up! I present a local radio show on linedancing on and use your charts for reference to compile my top-ten list every week. Linedancing is a great union of friendships and dance. People all over the world join together on the dancefloor to dance with friends old and new, and your magazine leads us on. Heres to you, to bigger and better things, to new dances and new friends. Slainte Eddie J"


44.  Pauline from Great Britain  (11/04/09)

"Hi everyone, I have been dancing now 53 years, first Ballroom and Latin and qualified with IDTA, and the last 15 years Line-Dancing, which I came across in Australia while visiting my brother, never looked back and hope to go on another few years, health permitting. Cant wait to get Line-Dancer each month it is so interesting and informative. Off to Maggie's event in Spain this week, hopefully it will be as wonderful and exciting as all the others we have been on in the past years, so much fun and laughter. Good for the body, mind and soul. Especially at my age ?? Best wishes to all linedancers Pauline"

43.   Karen Warren from England  (04/03/09)

"Thankyou linedancer for such a useful site I am able to download the dance steps for the dances we learn in class to help me learn all these wonderful dances "

42.   John from England  (28/02/09)


"Hi People. I have just returned to the line dancing scene, after a six year absence. During which i spent three years, learning ballroom and latin, i got so fed up with the stuffiness, and social structure, and of people who did not really know how to let their hair down, be friendly, or have a good time. that i decided to come home to L/D, and from only three weeks in, i know that i was right!! the people are friendly and encouraging, previously to my "ballroom", time i had done three years line dancing,so the two disaplineshave been a help, at 72 yrs of age the exercise will also benifit. GOOD TO BE BACK. Cheers John."



41.   Derrick Walker from USA  (07/02/09)


"Go to this website a lot and loved it. Hope to meet some wonderful dancers soon!!! Derrick"


40.   Julie Myers from Berkshire in England  (06/02/09)Juliem

"enjoying browsing the linedancer website. so useful. dance - smile - have fun "








39.   Helen Conroy Noonan from Cork in Ireland  (29/01/09)HelenCN

"Happy New Year Line Dancers Everywhere ! Helen" 



38.  Jan from England  (13/11/08)

"I am going to Dublin, Ireland next week, where can I line dance please, only there for 4 days, wed/sun"


37.  Helen Conroy Noonan from Ireland  (13/11/08) Helen CN

"Hi Ya'll Happy Dancing from myself and my club TexasTwisters.Check out my website for Line Dance Socials when in Ireland. "



36.  Sadiah Heggernes from Norway   (11/11/08)sadiah

"Hiya to all u lovely linedancers! Keep smiling & happy dancin! Hugs, from Sadiah x"






35.  James Arthur Miller from the UK   (10/11/08)

"I love linedancing and have linedanced in nashville,orlando in usa and perth ,western australia. been with linedancer since first issue in 1996. been linedancing since july 1990 and teaching since 1996, i also taght in australia quite a few times and although subscribe to other mags line dancer is my favourite with all it's informative articles. i have also been aided by the dance videos which with scripts are my fav items but read and peruse each months many times"

34.  Annie Saerens from Belgium   (10/11/08)    Annie S

"Hello to all the people who have the same passion of the dance like me. I'm teaching and wrote some choreographies, the last one is "Yippie I Oh" easy and funny! My website: Regards and Keep It Country!"

33.  Susan Dale from the UK   (08/11/08)

"Hi all! I've been teaching now for almost 12 years and still love line dancing! I have a great class who i love to bits, they have become good friends. I'm trying choreography now, so check out my new dance, " You raise me up". Keep Dancing............. x x "


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