Be Gentle, I'm New To Line dancing




Be Gentle, I'm New To Line dancing

By Administrator


Paul Swift

It's been six months since the new Linedancer Website was launched, and what a rollercoaster ride it's been.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Paul and I work in the magazine's IT department. Let me say here and now... I am not a dancer, and some would say I'm no computer guy either. Although I've worked for the company for many years, I have only joined the Linedancer team eight months ago. Having said that, I have many CBA's under my belt, so I guess I am a bit of a veteran too. Anyway I digress....So hello, and welcome to my blog.

I have been ‘doing' a blog since the new Website was launched, but with one problem after another there hasn't been the time! So with a free twenty minutes and a little bit of inspiration here I go.

My life at the moment is hectic. I got engaged to my beautiful fiancée two months ago, so nearly all I hear about when I'm at home is weddings this and weddings that. Angela (my fiancée) has already set-up her ‘Wedding Club', with regular meetings to discuss invites, colours, the DRESS and even seat covers! My job, I'm told, is simple. Be there on the day and don't be late.

On top of all that ‘fun' we are house hunting, which in the current climate, is quite daunting. And I have to admit that this pursuit is NOT helped as my beloved falls in love with every house we get to visit.

So coming into work is like my sanctuary! And slowly but surely I'm learning about the world of Line dancing. I can now proudly say I know most Line dancing terms, remember where most choreographers come from and am getting a dab hand at doing scripts.  However, I'm not at the stage of Line dancing just yet, though truth be told I did attempt ‘The Rag Time Boogie' at the last CBA's. The outcome was not pretty, and my next attempt is likely to be a few years off!

My twenty minutes are up. So cheerio for now, and I'll blog again soon.