Let's From The Very Beginning




Let's From The Very Beginning

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Steve Healey

I was trying to think of something to write about in a blog and realised that I didn’t really know what a blog was supposed to be. So I went and looked for a couple of definitions. 

‘A blog is an online journal where users post thoughts, comments or news in a chronological format.’

'Blog is short for Web log. Blogs are publicly available web pages, with personal views and links expressing the opinions and observations of a individual.’

So it’s basically an on-line diary, letting everyone in on my thoughts and observations as I go about my day’s tasks. Well as this is my first – let’s start at the very beginning :-)
Beginners – oh they are a joy to teach!
I started a new AB class a few weeks ago and was thrilled that 45 people turned up with very little advertising. In my experience you tend to get about a 50% drop off over first 6 weeks but this class seems to be holding, and I have been trying to work out what I have been doing differently.
The only thing that I am aware of is that I am going very very slowly. I have even taught them a dance in two halves. The first week I wanted to get them moving to music as soon as possible, so taught them the front half of Texas Stomp. Stroll forward and back, Side close side, right and left then start again. No turn for them to worry about, no cross steps, just changing weight and moving to the beat of the music. Also a set of steps that we could add to in a couple of weeks. I thought to myself they will be so bored after about two minutes and I would have to fade the music, but they loved it. Later in evening we did it again and I introduced a clap with the side steps. They lifted the room with the noise :-)
It struck me how much fun learning is. Learning anything! And how we are so lucky as instructors to be able to help people enjoy that pleasure.