LDF Roll of Honor

Below is the honor list of clubs, groups and individuals who have given their time to raise money for the LDF.

We and many others cannot Thank You enough.

  • John King of Kingshill Holidays
  • Liz Carr and Carr-o'-liners
  • Cathy Hodgson
  • Kim Ray and her mad Milton Keynes crew
  • The Manchester team (Jamie, Steve, Claire and Sandra and so many!)
  • Josephine from Scotland
  • Maureen and John "Grrowler" Rowell
  • Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris
  • Alan Birchall and Jacqui Jax
  • Gerard Simoncello and FFCLD
  • Maggie Gallagher
  • Alison & Peter
  • Craig Bennett
  • Glenn Rogers
  • Rick Guard and Tim Redmond
  • Pat STott
  • Dee Musk
  • Daniel Whittaker
  • And many many more

    If you know anyone who is worthy of making it in this list drop us a line at

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