LDF Ideas

If you and your club are intrested in helping raise money for the LDF below are some fund raising ideas sent in by your fellow Line dancers. Feel free to use any of the below ideas or if you have some suggestions yourself Click Here to submit them.

Fund Raising Idea

Submitted by

10% of door entry monies in 2010
Cathy Hodgson
 Raffle monies at 4 socials during 2010
Cathy Hodgson
 A sponsored A-Z Line dance
Cathy Hodgson
MFlow. A website that allows you to recommend music for others to buy; you could recommend the original, hard to find tracks for top dances, or artists featured in the mag. We could then purchase tracks we like or need, and you (ie the LDF) would get 20% of the purchase price. You'd be doing us a service (saving us time in finding tracks) and the LDF would have a steady source of income Sarah Cleaver (Laughter In Line)








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