Land Ahoy

PiratesLand Ahoy!

Who’s jumping on board for a trip to the Caribbean, although you’ll need to be a fully certified pirate!

Kim Ray and dancers from her Milton Keynes class set sail dressed as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ at Ollie and Joan Moran's annual club, New Western Times, weekend event, which was held in Eastbourne.

The whole event was a ball from start to finish. Kim said: “Friday night was fancy dress Costumes from around the world, which explains the pirates. Saturday evening Natalie entertained us magnificently she has been booked again for next years event. A big thank you to Ollie and Joan for your hard work and to all the dancers who attended – you were all fabulous in making this weekend another great success.”

Dances taught by Kim - Hey Daddy, Inside Out and Our First Love. Dances taught by Kumari - Who Is She and Beauty and the Beat.

DAP May 14