July 2009


July 2009
This month's features include:

Dear Dancers
Queen Of White Soul
Regalos Line Dancing & Western Store
Dancin' Across The Pond
Best Of Nashville
The Charts
Kiss Mauve
The Tulip Challenge
Album Reviews
Dance Reviews
Charlie Allen
Where Are They Now?
Viva Espana
New Year New Friends
Ask Sho
Charity Lines
Grrowler's Boot Camp
Scandinavian Line Dance Masters
Between The Lines
Hitch And Hook
Voice Of Country

Music Reviews
Taylor Swift - Fearless
Martine McBride - Shine
Gretchen Peters - Circus Girl
Stuart Bull - Smell The Love




This Month's Dances
Alison Johnstone
Daniel Whittaker
Gaye Teather
Vivienne Scott, Fred Buckley, Andrew Palmer, Sheila Cox
Maria Hennings Hunt
Lois Lightfoot
Kay Greig and Janic Hoy
Niels B Poulsen
Maggie Gallagher
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Barry and Dari Anne Amato
Kate Sala
Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris
Val Myers and Deana Randle (adapted by Gilles Bataille)


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