Isn't Line Dance Wonderful!




Isn't Line Dance Wonderful!

By Administrator


Betty Drummond

There is probably nothing new to be said about how wonderful Line dancing is and what wonderful benefits it brings. Many people have said it in many ways over and over again. But, this is my blog..... and I just wanted to share a personal take on it and ask you to think about how Line dancing affects you too.

We all have times when life gets on top of us and sometimes it brings heartaches, worries and fears but no matter how bad things get Line dancers know that a few hours on the dance floor can be a wonderful tonic and a blessed release.

For me, dancing transports me physically and mentally to a happy place where no matter how difficult things may seem I feel much better.  After a couple of hours on the dance floor I can face the world with a smile again.  I have no idea why it gives me such a lift, I just know it does and I am so grateful for it.  

It seems every time I walk into a dance studio I leave my troubles at the door.  Yes, I pick them up again on the way out but I always feel more positive, more confident and much more capable than when I walked in.

Troubles NEVER join me on the dance floor. Now isn’t that just wonderful.

Yours in line,