Issue 218

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Issue 218 - June 2014
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancer
Between The Lines
Meet CountryVive
LDF National Day 2015
Right From The Start
Spring Has Sprung
House Rules
No 'I' In Team
Little Things Mean A Lot
Album Review
Warren Conway
Top Line
Let's Have A Showdown
The World At His Feeet
New Releases
The Charts
Just For Fun
The Best Line Dance Party … Ever!
Sporlight On Sadiah Heggernes
Hey Mister Dee Jay
Revival with Karl-Harry Winson
UKDC European Championships
The Last Line

Music Reviews
Miranda Lambert - Platinum




This Month's Dances
Michelle Risley
Kim Ray
Gaye Teather
Margaret Swift
Sadiah Heggernes
Sadiah Heggernes
Pat Stott and Laura Hilbeert
Vikki Morris
Sadiah Heggernes
Sadiah Heggernes
Sue Ann Ehmann
Edwin P Napitu
Nathan King
Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris
Debbie Ellis
Maggie Gallagher
Alison Biggs and Peter Metelnick

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