Issue 217

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Issue 217 - May 2014
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancers
Between The Lines
Hitting The Big Time
I Am A Dancer
It's Fun To Be At The U3A
Walking Tall
Berlin Open
More Than Just A Flash!
Line Dance Got Talent
It All Started With Line Dance - Take Two
Album Review
Country Soul
So British
Happy Dancing 3rd Anniversary
Beautiful LDF Days
Revival with Karl-Harry Winson
Revival - The Real World by Ruthie B
The Charts
Just For Fun
Two In One!
Spotlight On Philip Sobrielo
Music Is My Passion
Hey Mister Dee Jay
Get Your Kicks On Route 45!
The Last Line

Music Reviews
Tim Redmond - Soundtrack Of Our Lives




This Month's Dances
Derek Robinson
Maggie Gallagher
Jan Brookfield
Sue Smyth
Frank Trace
Philip Sobrielo
Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris
Philip Sobrielo
Philip Sobrielo
Phil Carpenter
Alan Birchall
Kate Sala, Vivienne Scott, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Fred Buckley
Pat Stott and Billy Curtis
Niels Poulsen
Philip Sobrielo
Ross Brown
Craig Bennett & Tina Argyle
Karl-Harry Winson

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