Issue 215

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Issue 215 - March 2014
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancers
Between The Lines
Magic Moments
What A Show! 18th CBA
A Dazza-ling Experience
I Want To Sing!
Album Review
Ita-line Style
Oh Carol!
The Outsiders
What Said Fred?
Open Letter
The Charts
Just For Fun
Spotlight On Debbie Ellis
Great Start!
Hey Mister Dee Jay - Getting The Basics Right
One Sweet Chance
The Last Line

Music Reviews
Shane Yellowbird - It's About Time




This Month's Dances
Vera Kuiper
Francien Sittrop
Debbie Ellis
Yvonne Anderson
Vikki Morris
Debbie Ellis
Rob Fowler
Wil Bos and Aurelie Clota
Shirley Blankenship
Hayley Wheatley
Manu De Meyer
Debbie Ellis
Ria Vos
Debbis Ellis
Daniel Whittaker
Alison Biggs and Peter Metelnick
Kate Sala and Robbie McGowan Hickie
Martin Blandford and Paul Worthington

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