Issue 214

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Issue 214 - February 2014
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancers
Between The Lines
18th CBA
When Maggie Met Shane
The LDF Needs You
Fall In Love
Star Lane
Oh Carol!
Album Review
Jace Everett
New Releases
Madness In Taiwan
It's You, It's Me, It's Us Who Build A Community
The Charts
Just For Fun
Spotlight On Peter Jones and Anna Lockwood
Nadine Somers
Hey Mister Dee Jay Keep Em Dancin'
Where 2 Dance
Line Dance Texas Style!
The Last Line

Music Reviews
Billy Currington - We Are Tonight




This Month's Dances
Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood
Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood
Alison Biggs and Peter Metelnick
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Ivonne Verhagen
Pat Stott
Maureen Rowell and John Grrowler Rowell
Rob Fowler
Ria Vos
Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood
Rachael McEnaney
Benny Ray
Craig Bennett
Kate Sala
Yvonne Anderson
Liz Clarke
Karl-Harry Winson
Roy Verdonk and Darren Bailey
Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood

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