Issue 213

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Issue 213 - January 2014
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancers
New Releases
A Lifetime Of Dance
CBA News
Portrait Of Deana
A Classy Classic!
Scooby Sue, Where Are You?
West Goes East
Liz, So Proud
The Definitive Collection: Glen Campbell
Album Review
Spanish Line Dance Paradise
Top Line
Dancing With The Stars!
See You Tonight
Just For Fun
The Charts
Introducing Spotlight
One Dress For The Worlds
Hey Mister Dee Jay, Put A Record On
Where 2 Dance
Pullman City
The Last Line

Music Reviews
Jake Owen - Days Of Gold




This Month's Dances
Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris
Juliet Lam
Norman Gifford
Juliet Lam
Roz Chaplin and Colin B Smith
Juliet Lam
Juliet Lam
Corinne Bertile
Alison Biggs and Peter Metelnick
Stephen Rutter and Claire Butterworth
Dan Morrison
Juliet Lam
Ria Vos
Darren Bailey and Roy Verdonk
Martha Ogasawara and Toshiko Kawamoto
Rob Fowler
Stephen Rutter and Claire Butterworth
Rosalee Musgrave
Karen Tripp

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