Issue 211

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Issue 211 - November 2013
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancers
First In Line
Between The Lines
Talent Beyond Compare
Been Rich All My Life
Whatever Floats Your Boat
Miss Murray, Megastar
Citites In Line
Album Review
Top Line
Angel On High
18th CBA Voting Form
Going For Gold
The Charts
Just For Fun
Focus On
We Are Tonight
The Last Line

Music Reviews
Tim Ash - Up On The Blocks




This Month's Dances
Francien Sittrop
Michelle Risley
Ria Vos
Kerry Bailey
Craig Bennett
Daniel Whittaker
Sadiah Heggernes
Rafel Corbi
Martie Papendorf
Peter Jones and Anna Lockwood
Eddie Huffman
Ria Vos
Sue Hsu
Donna Laurin
Willie Brown
Dee Musk
Colin B Smith
Karen Kennedy
Javier Rodriguez Gallego
Tina Argyle
Maddison Glover
DJ Dan and Winnie
Rose Malinconico
Dee Musk
Gail Smith
Michele Perron
Debbie McLaughlin

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